Get Your Motivated Quote First

Typically, NWNS charges all-inclusive and by the job. Pricing accordingly is only possible if all critical details have been shared with NWNS at the time of request. Therefore, please submit an email including a detailed description of your exact requirements or better and therefore preferred - just fill out the one of the web-based tool forms. Alternatively, you are invited to contact a NWNS sales representative.

After Your Request Has Been Received

NWNS follows up immediately to answer any question, to help finding the best solution and to provide an attractive and transparent all-inclusive quotation matching the exact requirements.

If NWNS does not have enough information to comfortably quote for the total job, NWNS can only charge by the hour (time), millage (travel) and materials (if need to be purchased).

Our service levels are realistic, transparent and achievable. We won’t provide you with commercial service levels that often can’t be met in practice. NWNS provide you with practical solutions. 

We won’t attempt to up-sell you any additional services, and we certainly won’t tell you we do more than we do.

Why a Uniform Pricing Structure for Field Services Is Not Always Possible:

We at NWNS understand that Customers prefer static or uniform pricing. Benefits of this strategy include the ease of administration and the customer goodwill created by such a policy. The main disadvantage is that a rigid uniform pricing policy can easily be matched or undercut by our competitors. But this is not the only reason.

With today's instable geopolitical times certain critical parameters are highly unpredictable. Besides, every customer, every location, every site and every solution is unique in its own way.

Therefore, NWNS services are difficult to capture in a definite quote upfront or by a uniform pricing structure.

Submit a Request For:

The following requests can be submitted on-line very soon. Meanwhile please send an email to

  • NWNS Global Field Services - Equipment Installation, Service & Maintenance
  • NWNS Professional Services - Consultancy, Training, Research & Development
  • VSAT License Services - Fees, Charges & Lead Time
  • Hosting & Co-location - Your equipment Co-located Anywhere.
  • Power & Micro-grid Solutions - Battery Bank Test, Monitoring & Maintenance Services