NWNS has an extensive capillarity and local knowledge, and it is ready to support any urgent requirement that our customers have in the area. Being product- and partner-neutral, we will be able to provide the best available solution to our customers in a very flexible way.

NWNS Has Presence in More than 140 Countries

NWNS has active field support teams in many countries – more than 140 countries as of today. Through our networks of international and local field partners, suppliers and providers we can deliver options and route diversity in markets where many people have difficulty sourcing an affordable and reliable solution.

Regular Travel Charges

Typically, NWNS accepts responsibility, at its cost, for arranging and coordinating travel, lodging, and acquisition of visas (where necessary). Since travel can be a major - or even THE major cost component, all parties involved should work closely together to minimise travel costs incurred by NWNS in association with the service(s) provided.

  • Additional travel costs (millage and time) are included in the quoted Service Fee but only if customer site is within reasonable road travel (up to 50 km) from the nearest local NWNS representative base location or dispatch point. 
  • If extended or additional travel is required, typically NWNS charges back travel at true cost +10% + US$25 per roundtrip. NWNS may also decide to reasonably charge for additional travel time. Customer’s upfront consensus is mandatory.
  • Travel arrangements organised and paid for by Customer or any third party are never charged extra.
  • For certain end-user customers, operating in remote areas, Customer will be asked to provide - or arrange for safe transportation where publicly hireable transportation is difficult or not available. 
  • Field visits can be subject to security or weather-related restrictions that may affect the agreed response time or incur additional delay and therefore perhaps additional costs.          
NWNS understands that travel costs and travel time can constitute a substantial portion of the total service charge. Very often this is an unexpected unpleasant underestimated surprise one has to deal with.  Therefore, we at NWNS will always propose the most economical solution to mitigate the negative effects travel can have on the project budget. 
NWNS also understands that Customers want to have full transparency upfront and we are eager to accommodate this as much as reasonably possible.

Engineer Dispatches To Remote Area's or Countries Without Local Support

At NWNS we understand that Customers have their strict contractual obligations, other visions and expectations. Therefore, NWNS offers alternative solutions to be able meeting exact Customer’s requirements and expectations, anytime, anywhere. 

NWNS offers its Customers three basic options for field support:

  1. Default: The use of local in-country resources (typical if possible and cheapest option);
  2. The use of foreign (or NWNS) staff (typical if local support is not available or not up to standard);
  3. The use of foreign supervision and local support staff (upon request);
All three options have their own pros and cons, risk and cost structure. Customer must realise and acknowledge this before making any implementation decision. The level and quality of service is a trade-off between risk and OPEX but always a choice.

Expanding on this:

NWNS prefers to use in-country local representatives. For various reasons this is not always possible. This however does not mean that NWNS cannot deliver services in countries (or remote locations) where such skills are required. On the contrary, the company has access to several NWNS employees, partners and associates who are trained and used to do works in remote and hard to reach locations. 

Therefore, NWNS can dispatch skilled engineers including all required tools and measurement equipment to any location, anytime and regardless the local situation. 

The same statement can be made for countries that are vast in size and where service is required in very remote locations and engineers have to travel-in from far.

The definition of what is "remote" varies substantially between regions of the world. According to NWNS: Remote areas are far away from cities and urban places and difficult to get to because they lack efficient transportation links.

In the event of a dispatch to a (very) remote location, travel costs and travel time will constitute a substantial portion of the total service charge.

Transparent Pricing Structure

In the event NWNS will have to dispatch one or more engineers to a remote location the following basic terms, conditions and prerequisites apply:

  • Number of engineers required depend on Customer's specific requirements and Statement of Work (SoW);
  • NWNS charges per day and per engineer a fixed field day rate;
  • Engineer travel time and weekends/holidays are charged differently;   
  • Regular (Travel) expenses are charged additionally;
Final price confirmation and transparent breakdown of the costs require a detailed SoW, a clear address and a firm date of action.