Data, the most successful agricultural product. Even for very remote farms without fast Internet

These days, harvesting critical data from production chains is inexpensive and no longer complicated. Today, for instance, to install or attach a sensor that will register anything you possibly want to monitor is a straightforward and relatively inexpensive undertaking. And we the technology to do this anywhere on the planet.  

NWNS understands the requirements, the sensors and how to use them.

Via wireless communication, this data can then be monitored and stored on an infinitely scalable cloud platform, all in real time. 

Information about anything can be registered and processed in the cloud to yield marketing information. This data can naturally also be applied in efforts to optimise production processes. 

Satellite and camera images and ground sensors allow the farmer to monitor the condition of both soil and crop. This data enables him to use only the minimum amount of water and fertiliser needed, for instance, to choose the perfect time to harvest, or to spray his fruit trees before the flower buds are damaged by freezing or high temperatures. 

In a later stage of development, self-teaching algorithms will tell the farmer when to activate his irrigation system – or the system will turn on the sprinklers automatically.

More data leads to more efficient production and a better product. NWNS has the solution to get remote data into the cloud and onto your smartphone

In the near future, farms will harvest not only food but massive quantities of data as well. Smart algorithms – which are increasingly offered as a standard service – will then use unlimited cloud-based computational power to process this data. As a result, the production chain will become more transparent, allowing the farmer to optimise his own processes in turn. 

This development will make it possible to manage agrarian businesses based on concrete figures rather than assumptions and guesswork. At the same time, it will help the farmer to satisfy consumers’ hunger for information and make his product stand out by enriching it with valuable data.

NWNS offers you the ability to harvest and process large volumes of data economically and securely

The more data you can harvest from inside and out of the supply chain, the better. More information equals a greater degree of control over your processes. By using details on clients, products and the weather, you can also identify relevant cross-connections and maintain valuable statistics. The data requires a storage solution that is both cheap and scalable. But at the same time, the data must remain secure: after all, this information is every bit as valuable as the physical products. The data remains ‘for your eyes only’. and NWNS will not access your data, not even at a meta level.

Safe, plug-and-play IoT - data directly into action

If we want to achieve an integrated and smart chain, the only thing left to do is to connect the systems
with one another. 


A more intelligent approach to water use can result in a considerable increase in production. In cooperation with its partners NWNS has developed a system that indicates precise water needs for any given plot of land. Farmers can get this information on line and are able to react promptly to changeable situations.


The purpose of a water quality monitoring program is to evaluate the current state of water quality and any concerns present as well as to identify long term change over time. The results of water quality measurements may be compared against guideline values to evaluate whether the water quality state is acceptable. Based on this assessment, intervention measures to improve water quality may be applied.