Affordable Solutions For Remote Monitoring & Control Challenges

NWNS connects any Internet of Things (IoT) device everywhere in the world but our speciality is bringing such services to locations without basic coverage using global connectivity through our partner (Hiber Global) nano/cube satellite network.

We also supply the end-to-end solutions (including its web portals and telephone apps) for IoT and sensor related devices at very affordable cost.

Our solutions are either "off the shelve" or "tailor made" and perfect for applications that are cost sensitive and not very time critical such as remote sensing of temperature, soil moister, salinity etc

  • The very low entry costs (hardware less than $100/node ex sensors) and very friendly subscription fee makes our solution many times cheaper than traditional satellite or even terrestrial (2G/3G) solutions.
  • True global coverage, from pole-to-pole including your mother's backyard.
  • Very simple installation and maintenance free (!). Deploy and forget. No specific skills required, anyone can do it.
  • Device autonomy everywhere. Direct-to-satellite with transmissions in the unlicensed 430 MHz band.
  • Transmit only, your node cannot be hacked.
  • Very low power and a very long battery life.

How does it work

  • Sensors - Sensors and detectors are an important part of any system for remote monitoring and control. The sensors and detectors provide transformation of environmental parameters into electrical signals. These signals are monitored from devices for remote monitoring.
  • Modem with airtime subscription
  • Supportive Devices
  • Gateway - 
  • Data Acquisition Software, Apps and Tools - Important part of any M&C system is the software. 
  • Access to NWNS platform in order to manage the results

Typical Applications Supported by NWNS

Infrastructure & Environment - Improved Quality of Access

Energy - Smart Grid

Agriculture - Optimal growth


Modems for every IoT/M2M/SCADA application which could be either satellite, GSM (SIM card), LoRa or any other suitable solution. All mentioned connectivity solutions and processes can be managed from the same Portal 


State-of-the-art IoT/M2M/SCADA gateways, devices and sensors as well as support in custom made IoT/M2M/SCADA hardware solutions


Software to achieve any IoT goal. Without software no data, overview and decision.

Existing software solutions - A Cloud platform that reads and manages all incoming data. Consequently the information is stored, processed and made available in Customer's individual application in the Cloud.

Custom-made software -  If Customer requires special functionality or a different layout or overlay, NWNS and partners are keen to customise software according to Customer needs.

Monitoring and Management

Data and alerts from devices may come in at any time of the day or night, seven days a week.


Advice about the best solution for you and your customer. From a quick scan to extensive analysis and reports. NWNS can assist in implementing smart devices in a smart and cost effective way.

Furthermore, NWNS can take ownership of your responsibility with reference to planning, designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining any IoT or SCADA system.
  • Plan an IoT prototyping and development project
  • Manage security, privacy, and safety risks