Reality - and especially Africa - cannot be replicated in a laboratory environment.


(New) products often interact with their environment in ways that cannot be anticipated in advance and can therefore fail if only controlled user test or trials are performed.

Therefore, newly developed products have to be tested and tested and tested and monitored over a longer period of time preferable under different, difficult and harsh circumstances.

For the client however, it can be difficult to focus on core business aspects while worrying about testing and researching their product under actual use conditions in (foreign) remote locations.


The solution is testing a product in the context of the whole environment in which the product must perform. Often this is referred to as beta testing. 

The rationale behind beta testing is that it is only possible to identify certain problems by testing a product in realistic settings approximating actual usage. Which is not only about climate and environment but about people (users) too. 

In a NWNS Managed Field Test, client is taking a more observant role, giving no or limited direction, and watching to see how users interact with the product on their own. A successful Field Test will uncover the true, unbiased perception and adoption of client’s product and helps client understand if it’s actually fixing the problems the target market is facing. 

NWNS has the capability facilitating managed field testing world-wide. In both urban and (very) remote areas and in almost all climate zones. This service covers various segments of industry that could be field tested, with no terrain too remote or inaccessible. 

“Managed” because NWNS takes full responsibility of the field test project, by managing, staffing and providing quality (field) testing services.


The concept of NWNS Managed Field Testing is easy and straight forward: A product is tested by users in ‘real life’ or a setting as close as possible to actual usage (as opposed to testing under artificial laboratory conditions). 

This often involves installing a particular piece of equipment or software and then monitoring its performance - using objective and subjective measures - over a period of time. And our staff, with years of experience, is helpful and eager to assist at problem solving. The result of such an investigation can be a “problem and solution list” which contains valuable information for our client regarding the potential for improving the performance of the product. 

Note: NWNS will take ownership over all the local prerequisites such as location, licenses & permissions, importation, installation, service, power and connectivity.


Managed Field Test Services as a stand-alone service offering is not really a profitable business model. Nonetheless, NWNS is eager to facilitate - and occasionally willing to subsidize - managed field testing for very pragmatic reasons: 

  • A new product can open a whole new market: It can completely replace a current product, take over an existing product, or simply broaden the market for something that already exists. 
  • New products can improve the use of NWNS’ resources, launch NWNS into a new market or segment of the market, improve the relationship we have with our clients and partners, or simply increase or defend our market share. 
  • Eventually NWNS wants to assist client in selling, implementing and servicing the product. As a partner (agent) in risk sharing and profit sharing – not as a reseller.
It’s our vision that all the involved parties are serious partners with joint interest and one shared common goal which eventually results in revenue (reduced loss or increased profit) for the client and recurring revenue from kickbacks and field services for NWNS. Hence long-term mutual success.

This is the motivation why NWNS is happy to discuss - or participate in Risk-Cost-Revenue Sharing opportunities or projects.


It is difficult to make explicit recommendations about the physical design of a field test set-up. To a large extent this will depend on the following input parameters – to be provided by the client:

  • Complexity of a particular product.
  • Technical & environmental requirements. 
  • Nature of the anticipated applications and user population. 
  • What information has to be captured, how and with what degree of detail recorded. 
  • Should NWNS forward the raw test results only - or participate in the data analysis too.

Therefore, before a field test project commences, all parties involved have to work closely together on eliminating all possible misunderstandings, setting the correct mutual expectations, deciding on the procedures and defining the best way of testing.


NWNS has a number of prime field test locations throughout the whole of the world, some of which fully owned by NWNS. Our prime locations are:

  • The Netherlands – Strijen (suburb office, located at 51°45′N - 4°33′E)
  • Philippines – Davao (Mindano Island – suburb city office, located at 7°04′N - 125°36′E)
  • Sweden – Skillinge (Skåne County - costal town office, located at 55°28′N - 14°17′E)
  • Tanzania – Bigwa (Pwani – remote 80 ha test farm, located at 7° 13'S - 39° 9'E)
  • Tanzania – Dar es Salaam (city centre office, located at 6°48′S - 39°17′E)
  • Cameroon – Yaounde (city centre office, located at 3°50′S - 11°29′E
  • India – Pardi (Gujurat State - costal town office, located at 20°52′N - 72°95′E)
  • India – Mumbai (suburb city office, located at 19°11′N - 72°50′E)
  • UAE – Dubai (Internet City office, located at 25°15′N - 55°17′E)
  • Russia – Neboltsy (неболчи - remote test farm, located at 59°07′ - 33°21′E)

In addition to the above locations, NWNS can facilitate managed testing in over 80 countries through our global network of NWNS Associates and Field Representatives.


The attractive thing about our test locations is that our clients have all the facilities they need in one place – for setting up and conducting the trial; utilities, expertise, storage facilities, laboratory research (Netherlands, Tanzania, India), and holding meetings and demonstrations. 

The diversity of the countries we operate in also means that we can offer our client various biospheres and assorted weather conditions in order to assist client in any field testing. 

Furthermore, NWNS will be responsible for providing or facilitating all (utility) services required to execute a successful test program. In short, everything to fulfil our client’s specific requirements.


Field testing is one thing. Doing it legally or bringing a product to the local market is another thing.

It’s commonly known that efficient and cost-effective market entry and/or product implementation continues to be a major issue for foreign organizations who want to expand into risky and emerging markets. Markets that are often excessively over regulated and/or protected. 

The major success factors in such markets remain good understanding of the risks, pricing, customer service & expectations, money collection and last but not least the nuts and bolts of execution. 

As a part of our service offerings, NWNS will help our client to optimize its market access strategy using our local expertise. Basically, this service is all about preventing our client from facing excessive costs that can easily wreck the budget or worse cause total failure. 

Together with our client, we evaluate the exact service requirements and by taking a complete project view we are probably able to identify most of the (local) risks and provide you with professional and efficient solutions such as: 

  • Licenses and permissions necessary to initiate a service. We will work with the appropriate authorities to whom we present system data in the formats and language they require. Where possible, NWNS works on behalf of the client or in the name of the client.
  • Assisting in fulfilling all import requirements (acting as Importer of Record) providing it is legally possible.


Doing business in foreign markets and especially Africa can be (is) complicated, costly and risky. It takes courage and requires patience. 

Regardless the location for testing, the costs of using the field test approach will vary with the number of subjects to be tested and the length of time given to the investigation. Resources are required to prepare for, set up & maintain the physical test and for analysis purposes too. 

NWNS endeavor to offer a competitively but fairly priced, higher level of service based on a personal and flexible approach that is mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Therefore, our charges, terms and conditions for managed field test services are flexible and to be mutually agreed based on:  

  • Product is supplied or funded by the client. 
  • An agreed client contribution in the one-time set-up cost depending on the (technical) requirements. This could be as low as $0
  • A fair monthly recurring OPEX compensation to bridge the gap to success. The OPEX charges include location and facility lease, utilities and support (conditions apply)
  • Market Access Services (if required) can be included in the OPEX or agreed upon separately.

At any time, all specific wishes and options can be discussed but a final pricing agreement is only possible if all critical details have been shared with NWNS at the time of request.


We have decades of proven (hands-on) experience of doing business in Africa, the Middle East, Russia and Asia. Our track record is long and impressive. We believe that we deliver a good, transparent, reliable and fairly priced service and that we have the ability to proactively anticipate client’s issues and come up with solutions before client even realizes they have a problem.

Because of the sensitive nature of our business and clients we keep very low profile in the public domain, but we are happy to provide sound referrals upon request.

At NWNS we pride ourselves in assisting companies who wish to conduct field tests on their product. We truly welcome every new client. For more information or a quotation, please send us your email to mfts@nwns.org.