Last Mile Solutions

Cellular Backhaul

With this option, mobile phone providers can locate cellular towers in areas that can not be reached by fiber or microwave. NWNS provide connectivity from your terrestrial network to the remote tower. The tower may be temporary, such as for a special event. 

Remote Hotspot

Our solution allows the customer to add a significant amount of bandwidth to support a WiFi hotspot. A typical scenario for this solution would be to setup a public WiFi hotspot allowing customers to access the Internet. .

Mobile Command Centers

NWNS offers specialty emergency trailers that can act as quickly deployed mobile command centers for communications in a variety of temporary situations. The trailers are self contained, including a generator in the event there is no power available on site. Typical use cases include construction sites, emergency responder mobile command centers, forest fire camps, disaster aid stations, humanitarian camps, special events like music concerts, as well as other temporary locations that require high speed voice and Internet. The units are small enough to be towed by a small SUV.